Hunan Diyfia Group Company is a high-quality enterprise specializing in import and export trade of mechanical products and accessories. The company has national import and export rights and has quota authority for some restricted products. Since its establishment in 2011, the company has been specialized in exploration machinery equipment and related accessories, and always adheres to the corporate philosophy of “integrity, innovation, communication” and the team spirit of “quality, efficiency and wholehearted service”. And form a complete inspection, experience, cooperation, counseling, tracking one-stop service system.

        Its services include complete sets of equipment and accessories. On the complete sets of equipment, we provide products: various series of air compressors, various specifications of drilling machinery, various types of mud pumps, etc.; the products provided on the accessories are: diamond Core drills, diamond reamer, PDC drill bits, roller cone drill bits, drill pipes, drilling tools, drilling rig accessories, etc. The company provides products for a wide range of applications in geology, water, electricity, metallurgy, mining, coal, railways, highways, buildings and building materials.

        Based on the three principles of customer satisfaction: “Quality satisfaction, advanced technology satisfaction, service satisfaction”, the company continuously strengthens the comprehensive competitiveness within the company. The company seeks development in competition and seeks opportunities in the challenge. Our company will provide you with the most advanced and most advanced equipment and accessories products, I believe that our company will provide you with the best quality and most authoritative procurement services. Hardworking and sincere, we are willing to go hand in hand with you to create brilliant!


Core Drill Bit

Impregnated Diamond Drill Bit

Surface type Diamond Drill Bit

Tungsten Carbide Drill Bit

Thermally Stable Diamond Polycrystalline

Electroplated Diamond drill Bit

PDC Drill Bit

Non-coring PDC drill bit

Core drilling PDC drill bit

PDC insert cutter

Casing shoe bit and Rod Casing bit

Impregnated diamond type casing drill bit

Surface diamond type casing shoe drill bit

Tungsten Carbide Casing shoe bit

DTH Drill bit

DTH Hammer

Reaming Shell

Surface type reaming shell

PCD type reaming shell

Core Barrels and Overshots

Drill Rod and Casing Tubes

Drilling Fishing Tools

Standard Penetration Equipment

Mud Pump

Drilling Rig


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